SURAT BASIN Corporation

Australia's Growing Mining Accommodation Provider

Taking into consideration the fact that Australia has large reserves of mineral resources, and the vast majority of the Australian mineral resources are remote in nature, accommodation has turned out to be a problem with the mining industry. The great distance that is between the mining sites and the nearest towns, and alos, the large number of workers which are employed by a company has created a situation where accommodations are a necessary service for the mining companies.

In order to overcome this problem, mining sites have been created, both by mining companies and specialised businesses through State and Local government levels. Our company offers these types of accomodations, taking care of their aspect and providing the best facilities for the workers and other employees of the mining company. With the relatively short supply of labour, the quality of accommodation, amenities and food available in the camps can be a contributing factor of whether a worker chooses to stay there or look for another job. So the services offered here tend to become more and more important for a mining company, ensuring the continuation of its existance in this line of work.

Types of accommodation

The type of accomodation have changed and developed throughout the years. As the industry progressed, so did the facilities offered to the workers. Single bedes and shared bathrooms from the past have been repaced by today’s camps which usually consist of a medium sized bedroom of varying sizes. Most mining camps have at the minimum a king single bed, some of the more luxurious mine camps are now including double beds. This is the type of accommodation that our company offers. Our rooms also come with a TV and a series of Pay TV channels including a few movie channels, a few sporting channels and then a few other channels depending on what is chosen by the camp facilitators. Most rooms are air conditioned, include a fridge, desk and wardrobe.

Sport and Recreation

Our company is fond in providing the necessary facilities for the workers regarding their health and recreation. Thus, a gymnasium with cardio and/or weight rooms is also included, in other to give the workers the possibility of a social outlet which will only lead to their benefit. Depending on the size and management of a camp there may or may not be personal trainers available on site. And in order to offer more possibility of recreation and fitness, there are more and more mining camps with swimming pools available.


Food and beverages

When it comes to the food and beverage we offer at a mining site village, the variety is decent. A typical camp kitchen is opened for service in order to accommodate both dinner and breakfast for night and day shift workers, offering between 3-12 alternatives for meals depending on the camp size. As to the drinking, there can be mining camps where drinking is permitted or Dry Camps, depending on the management decision.

Due to the size and nature of remote mine accommodation camps there is a decent size work force attached, jobs range greatly with better pay for the same job in the city. These include chefs, cleaners, security, administrative and management staff. All these are offered and organised by our company, in order to ensure the better development of the mining company.