SURAT BASIN Corporation

Australia's Growing Mining Accommodation Provider

The Surat Basin Corporation is an Australian Mining accommodation provider network, with over 30 years of experience, taking care of fully serviced and managed accommodation villages. Our aim is to provide a genuine and welcoming experience for Australia’s remote and regionally based workforce including comfortable rooms, full catering, a range of guest services, recreational facilities, but also full time onsite management in order to help the development of the mining company’s activities.

We have always prided ourselves with being a company which works closely with its customer base, its guests and its suppliers and contractors, thus ensuring the quality of the experience of collaborating with us. Or connection to the local communities and regional councils creates the opportunity of a quality contribution of our company in the development of the neighbouring communities, throughout the active participation of our villages.

We create a home-like atmosphere for your company’s workers, ensuring comfort in our accommodations, we guarantee a healthy lifestyle based on great food and access to exercise options on their spare time, and the most important feature that we provide is the safety regulations which assure the well-being of all the personal related to our activity.

Throughout the years we have based our activity on a continuous commitment in order to integrate with the local community in a mutually beneficial way. Our main aims are to ensure local employment; a sense of independent living; and, an active involvement in community calendars and activities.

Besides offering accommodation to your company’s employees, we also provide complete project solutions using our technology and starting from conceptual and practical design, to planning and building approvals, on-site construction, village management, contractor management and building maintenance. All these burdens will be taken off of your hands and taken care of in the most professional manner. The years of experience we have gathered in this domain makes us the best company you could turn to in time of need. Our extensive services which expand from construction site offices, educational facilities, and office buildings to a range of accommodation options (villages, residential homes and apartments to name a few), and also our managing skills, create the best arguments for your choosing of our company.

Our services also expand into two categories, regarding the type of associate we have to deal with, creating thus two types of benefits: for customers and for guests.

The range of customer benefits include the fast access to a fast and easy booking service, a variety of accommodation types from which you can choose the most optimal living quarter, and a variety of villages where small and large groups can be accommodated.

The guest benefits range from comfortable and spacious suited rooms, services regarding breakfast, crib lunch and dinner, to recreational facilities available in each village and an onsite management available to everyone.

The complexity and dedication of our company over the years has transformed it into one of the best of its type, here for your aid and support.