SURAT BASIN Corporation

Australia's Growing Mining Accommodation Provider

People from all over the world are looking to go in the Australian out-back to take part of the mining boom which has taken place in last years. While the economy drains in most industries, the Australian mining industry thrives. There are mining jobs opening up all over Australia, particularly in Western Australia and Queensland. Mine companies are open to hiring people from all different backgrounds, from natives to foreigners, skilled to straight-out-of-school. Mining jobs for foreigners have never looked so good.

There are options

There are over 150 different career paths in mining today. Engineers are in high demand and play a crucial role in the mining industry for today and planning for the future. Engineers are some of the highest paid employees and the opportunities are as diverse as the industry. Highly skilled operators are also in increasing demand. Opportunities exist for driven and dedicated people who are rewarded for their contribution to the industry.

Some of the most active mining companies in Australia are multinational firms like BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, and Fluor. These large firms have career pages on their websites that allow prospective candidates to peruse all of the company's openings. A spokesman for Rio Tinto, says that applying online is usually the best way to get started. So if you're interested in being a boilermaker at Rio Tinto's Gove power station in the Northern Territory, you could start by applying on their site.

How to do it?

There also is the possibility to attend trade shows sponsored by organizations like the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration. These shows often draw an international list of exhibitors as well as U.S. companies that have Australian operations, and they're great places to network and hand out resumes. You can also use LinkedIn as a resource for finding personal contacts that can help you land a job. Key in the names of companies that are active in Australia and see if you have any second- or third-degree connections you could approach about job openings.

Australia is known to offer several types of visas for foreigners who are looking to work there. If you're lucky, your employer will sponsor you for a Subclass 457 visa, which allows companies to bring in workers for skilled jobs that can't be adequately filled by the Australian workforce. But in order to receive such visas you may be required to submit to assessments of your skills, health, and character, which includes providing records of any criminal arrests from the previous 10 years.

Since there are so many mine sites throughout Australia, there's a lot of selection for those interested in mining jobs for foreigners. Employers generally pay for all flights to the site and back to your home. There is a large array of positions available for different backgrounds and skills. Securing a job prior to moving to Australia is a much safer financial move than flying over and looking for a job, because the mining industry is very competitive. Now is the perfect time to join the industry, but you'll want to know how to nail the job before job hunting.

As for the housing issue, that is not a problem. Villages such as provided by Surat Basin Corporation can be found all over Australia. At least that is not a problem you have to worry about.